Welcome to ‘Our Penrith’ a place where we hope you will find all that the Penrith area has to offer, including a focus on local businesses and local events and a strong sense of community.
Our family moved to Penrith almost nine years ago and our first impression was that the area has so much to see and do, especially for families. There are endless outdoor activities from bbq’s down at the Nepean River to swimming in Jelly Bean Pool. And the indoor activities never cease with bowling, ice skating, ifly and the list goes on! We are passionate about our local area and supporting the businesses in it so “Our Penrith” aims to give you a one stop place to find local businesses, services and events with ease.
My name is Veronica and my hubby and I moved to Penrith with our 5 daughters in early 2009 and what struck us since that day was the sense of passion and loyalty that Penrith locals have for their area. And after living here for some 9 years it is not hard to see why. From the family gatherings at the Nepean River to the local markets, delicious cafes, Penrith Stadium and the Regional Art Gallery, Penrith and the surrounding area has something for everyone. Despite having lived here for 9 years now we still stumble upon places and activities that we never knew existed and that is where we hope that ‘Our Penrith’ can become a central location for you to find all things local from events, shows and family friendly activities to shops, markets, restaurants and more. We aim to encourage everyone to support the businesses in our local area as we have so many talented business people in our midst here and to the mountains. We hope our marketplace will become your go to when shopping for family and friends to purchase the amazing products in our area. We are currently building a directory to be your one stop place to find information about the businesses that list with us including their contact details, opening hours, pictures of their goods and services etc.. So here’s to building an even greater sense of community through this website. Thanks for being a part of it with us xx